Do You Need a Job as a Python Developer?

Did you know that the Number #1 reason self-taught programmers don't get a job is that they have the wrong skills and can't demonstrate what they can do? Many have been programming for years and will never get a job because of it!

That's because you focus on learning algorithms and data structures and solving complex problems. What the tech industry needs are something else, which means you'll never get the Python developer job you've been dreaming of.

How to get the right skill set

Luckily for you, there's now a solution. Let me introduce you to Python: All the Skills You Need to Get Hired, an e-book that will teach you everything you need to learn to become a Python Cloud Developer, a required skill set by the tech industry.

  • Learn how to create Python REST-APIs to create maintainable code, which means you'll write code that doesn't fail all the time.
  • Learn how to add logging and metrics to your REST-API to be able to monitor it, meaning you'll get alerts before the code fails, and you'll be a rock star for preventing the next big failure in the tech business.
  • Learn what it takes to create code for the Cloud, which means you can deploy code without needing help from your busy colleagues.
  • Learn to build a full run-time system using REST-APIs and more that you can present to your next job interview, meaning you'll ensure you're demonstrating the skills they need.
  • But best of all, this is the easiest in-demand skill set you can learn, which means you'll be an attractive profile for hiring.

From Online Instructor To Published Author

Hi, my name is Rune and I got my Ph.D. in computer science back in 2009. Since then I have worked as a developer in the technology industry, primarily with big-data backend systems. I have worked as a contractor on many systems and I have seen the same thing over and over again.

I have turned my passion for programming and teaching into several successful online courses and have an engaging social following.

In this ebook, you will learn how to craft Python production code and keep it healthy in the Cloud.

  • It will teach you how to create microservices with FastAPI (A popular Python library).
  • It will teach you logging and metrics best practices and how to monitor the health of your microservice.
  • How to build Docker images and set up services like MySQL fast and easily.

It will teach you all you need to know as a modern-day Python developer, from debugging and GitHub basics to building advanced leading and lacking indicators shown in Grafana.

You get access to Python Circle

When you join the Python Circle community, you will:

Have access to private community events where I will share knowledge and experience on how to succeed in your career faster and secure yourself a bright future.

Have exposure to new ideas, technologies, and approaches in Python development that will make you more desirable to any business.

Have access to unreleased Python resources that will provide you with additional insight into Python and how to succeed faster.

...but most importantly, you will connect with other Python learners. Collaborating with other will improve your skill drastically.

Be part of something bigger!

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"Rune's book fills a critical, but often overlooked space in the technical books market by covering the important gap that often exists between "beginner learning basic syntax" and "expert learning a very specialized thing." With his book, you will learn to use Python and a few well-chosen tools and frameworks in an organized fashion to solve problems professionally." - David Phillips (CTO)

"I learned so much about professional Python development, and this book made it easy. This is the perfect next step after learning how to program in Python." - Patrick Dietrick (Software Developer)

"Thanks to it I have understood a lot of technical jargon, and I got to know and understand the purpose of many tools and software used by developers." - Paz Prito Martín (Developer)

"This is a great book. What makes it unique is that it not only covers just the basics of python but goes beyond that to make the readers acquainted with all the other skills that a modern python developer needs. Rune's expertise and practical experience is thoroughly reflected in this book." - Alankar Dutta (Programmer)

"If you are looking for an excellent tutorial on Python in software development activities, then you need this book. Written in the style of learning by doing, the book takes you effortlessly through software development activities including testing and logging. His style of explaining Frameworks is effective and straightforward, with the stress on understanding the practical details." - Vijay Chauhan (Package Manage at Thales India)

"Rune is a gifted teacher and I believe it's his personal learning challenges coupled with his passion to teach others that have developed him into the amazing teacher that he is today. Rune's book is a great introductory book for readers looking to develop hands-on knowledge about Python development. The books content ranges from deploying REST APIs to understanding the value of logging to learning valuable developer tools like Docker. The book is a great first step into the development world." - Alexandria (Junior Developer)

"This book is simply amazing! Even as python developer of 3 solid years, I discovered I still didn't get all the knowledge I needed, until this book." - Johnielo Ataha

"This is a great book for new developers to understand key frameworks in professional environments. Rune simply untangles the technical jargon and presents Python frameworks in simple language." - Omphemetse Moeng

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